Reference sheet prices

Add $50 to any ref sheet if you are wanting a custom design.

Chibi: $35

Includes front view, back view, and other details.

Standard: $90

Includes front view, back view, headshot, 2 tail views, and other details.

Full: $110

Includes front view, side view, back view, mouth details, design notes, and other details.

Fursuit: $160

Includes front view, back view, side view, planti/digi option, main colors, eye colors, a headshot, fur/material preferences, 2 hand views, 2 feet views, 2 tail views, eye view, mouth view, notes, and other details.

Make-your-own reference sheet

All reference sheets will include a front view, a back view, name, species, gender, and color pallet with a starting price of $70. Additions are listed below.

- Side view: $20
- Headshots: $25
- Fullbodies: $45
- Outfits: $55 first, then $10 every one after
- Items: $5 per
- Personality, likes, and dislikes: $10 
- Custom design: $50

Have something else in mind? Please contact me for a quote.