How to commission

Step 1: Get a quote!

Free quotes are available for anyone. Please make sure to read the ToS and have a 2- or 3-view reference sheet ready!

Quote form

Step 2: Send in commission form and measurements.

After you send in the quote form, you will receive a commission form in the email. It will be closed until I am open for commissions again. When the form is open, please send all required information as well as your measurements. A free measurement guide is provided below this section by Furry_Machine, as well as a link to it in the button.

Free measurement guide

Step 3: Get accepted and pay.

If you are accepted into my queue, you will pay through PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp, and your project will be started once the full payment is received.

More about payment 

Step 4: Bring your character to life!

Follow along my process and give any feedback throughout! Far Out Fursuits wants your costume to be as perfect as possible, so please do not be afraid to ask for changes.