Please take the time to read through this entire ToS. By commissioning Far Out Fursuits, you agree to all terms and conditions. ToS applies to all digital artwork commissions.

Customer agrees to the following:
     1. Clients must be at least 16 years of age. If the client is under 16, Far Out Fursuits can work with a parent/guardian. ID of parent/guardian will be needed.
     2. Far Out Fursuits's owner/maker has a full time job. All job hours and other obligations will be completed first before any commission work is started.
     3. Deadlines are able to be worked with, but need a 2-month heads-up. For example, if you need a piece done by October 12, You need to commission the piece by August 12th.
     4. The artwork cannot be redistributed in any way shape or form unless discussed beforehand.
     5. Far Out Fursuits has the right to cancel a commission if needed for any reason.
     6. Communication can be through Instagram or Email.
     7. Completion of artwork is dependent on client's response time. The faster the response, the sooner the completion date.
     8. If no response is received after 3 days, commission will be automatically completed.
     9. Far Out Fursuits does not hold slots. All commissions are first come first served.
     10. All artwork is copyrighted.
     11. The client, and only the client, may repost the artwork with proper credit.
     12. If an art piece requires shipping, responsibility of the art piece is no longer Far Out Fursuits’s once it is delivered to the postal service. Any damages or loss of the art piece is not able to be refunded.
Payment and Refunds:
     1. Payment through PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp only. Far Out Fursuits does not accept “snail mail” or other forms of payment such as artwork, characters, fursuit parts etc. unless stated otherwise.
     2. Payment must be made in full upfront. Payment plans are not available for artworks. Far Out Fursuits will not start work until payment has been recieved in full.
     3. If a cancelation is needed on the client's end and no work has been started, the client will be issued a full refund. No refunds are able to be given once the piece is started.
     4. If a cancelation is needed on Far Out Fursuits's end, a full refund will be issued no matter what.
     5. If the art piece requires shipping, the client is responsible for the full shipping cost. Shipping costs can vary.
     6. Up to 5 small changes and 1 large change can be made per commission. Small changes include altering colors/design (excluding missed markings on Far Out Fursuit's side) and large changes include drastically changing the lineart. Charge amount is dependent on the complexity of the changes.
     7. I will follow the client's ref sheet. Please make sure the ref sheet is clean and up-to-date. If any changes are needed, please let Far Out Fursuits know what changes you would like made BEFORE payment. Once payment is received, no drastic changes to the design can be made.
     8. Each artwork has a specific allotted time to make sure Far Out Fursuits is paid fairly. If a character is overly complex, additional charges may be necessary.
     9. Rush fees are available for $50 and will guarantee completion within 1 week so long as the client is active and responds to questions and updates quickly after they are sent. See number 7 under "Customer agrees to the following".
Character Reference and Subject:
     1. All images must be PG-13. Far Out Fursuits refuses to work with any references/images containing NSFW material. This includes but is not limited to: male/female nipples (belly nips are fine), male/female genatalia, fetish, or extreme gore. If reference depicts any of the previously stated, please censor the image BEFORE sending it.
     2. Far Out Fursuits refuses to draw any NSFW content, politics of any kind, or anything hateful/discriminatory/controvercial.
     3. Reference sheets are preferred so details can easily be seen, but single-view images are able to be worked with.
     4. Reference sheet/image must be unshaded and clear. Far Out Fursuits will not work with shaded or pixelated/grainy images.
     5. Far Out Fursuits can work with traditional reference sheets/images, but please understand that the colors and details may not be 100% accurate.
     6. Far Out Fursuits’s strengths are feral and anthropomorphic animals/creatures. Far Out Fursuits is not as skilled with monkeys, hedgehogs, porcupines, robot/mecha, or sphinx cats, but is willing to try them out.
     7. Far Out Fursuits will not draw humans or humanoids.
     8. Please look at Far Out Fursuits’s art style. If it does not fit what you are looking for, she recommends finding another artist whose style will fit.
     9. Far Out Fursuits will not work off of descriptions.​