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~Creating custom costumes and artwork since 2017~

Far Out Fursuits is an individually owned small business that specializes in anthropomorphic artwork, costumes, and character designs. Making people happy and putting smiles on faces is this artist's passion, and she seeks to fulfill orders for customers with the utmost satisfaction.

Why commission Far Out Fursuits?

Far Out Fursuits is committed to serving customers with the utmost happiness and satisfaction. Abundant work in progress photos are shown throughout the process, and constant and clear communication is guaranteed. All artworks, character designs, and fursuits are lovingly hand-made with the most up-to-date quality standards.




Character Designs




Will open again in June of 2023. Quotes are open year-round. Please message me here or on Instagram if you have any questions.

Last updated 5/11/23


While fursuit quotes are open year-round, the commission form will open 1 week before I accept a few people to add to my queue. The commission form will be linked in the email I send you after filling out a quote form, so make sure to save that email if you are seriously considering to commision me. Commissions will set to be open on June 22nd with the commission form opening on June 15th. I will be taking on 1 fullsuit and 2 partials/heads, in addition to a few small parts, to be completed in February of 2024. If you are considering commissioning me to make your costume, I advise you to do so this upcoming opening as my prices will raise for my next opening in February. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the buttons below.

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