Welcome to Far Out Fursuits

~Creating custom costumes and artwork since 2017~

Far Out Fursuits is an individually owned small business that specializes in anthropomorphic artwork, costumes, and character designs. Making people happy and putting smiles on faces is this artist's passion, and she seeks to fulfill orders for customers with the utmost satisfaction.

Meet the artist

Far Out Fursuits is individually owned and operated by me! Call me Caraline. I've been an artsy hands-on girl for as long as I can remember, and so, when I was introduced to a pencil and a piece of paper, it was all over! I was always drawing and scribbling, excited for art time during school and getting to doodle on my math papers. One day though, as I was doodling on said math paper, I thought to myself, "what if I drew an animal, but acting like a human?" I soon started scribbling out all these brightly colored animals standing on two legs and wearing clothes. When I got home, I ventured online to look for references, and lo and behold, a giant, fluffy, brightly colored animal costume blessed my eyes. I immediately fell in love and started researching on how to get one of these costumes. I stumbled upon a site called MadeFurYou and went to fill out a quote, having no idea what I was actually doing. I was never able to send the quote though as I didn't have a ref sheet and I wasn't 18 yet, but I figured I should check the prices beforehand anyway. Expecting an entire suit to be maybe $300, I was shocked to see that it was over $2,000. I wanted a suit so badly, but knew I was never going to be able to afford that. So, I set off to make a suit myself. And that is why Baily was created. Baily ignited a massive fire in me. I wanted to make more. Every time I created a costume, I entered into the yearned flow state. The challenges the craft gave me matched my skills perfectly, and the smiles and joy I was able to create set this hobby in stone for me. 

I create for you. My goal is to make you smile and to help you to make others smile. Thank you for enjoying my artwork and continuing to spark my passion. You are greatly valued and appreciated.

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