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Digigrade fullsuit


Mini partial



"I love my new baby!" - Aubry on Etsy

Digigrade halfsuit

Tail and clawpaws


"FarOutFursuits made my dreams come true! They helped me through the entire process and answered my questions quick with great communication. The item came out perfect with excellent stitching and color. I would rate them a 6 if it was possible and will be telling all my friends about the awesome job they did. a+ quality all around, thanks again f.o.f.!" - Anthony on Etsy

Digigrade bodysuit and feet paws

"Caroline is such a amazing fursuit maker! She was SO quick and always kept me updated! Her fursuit making is also so incredible! Super sturdy and amazing quality!" - umi.skulldog on Instagram

Feet paws

"Great work as always! This is the best shop on Etsy :p" - Anthony on Etsy

Digigrade bodysuit and tail

Mini partial

Digigrade bodysuit, hand paws, and feet paws

Plantigrade fullsuit


"I absolutely love Far Out Fursuits . We ordered a Lynx-Dragon “ Riva” and she is great . Good fit , I bought this for my daughter to wear at a convention. It fits so good . Breaths a lot better than our other suits we have from different makers. Love that we can breath and see very well. My daughter will be able to wear this all day without a lot of breaks. The colors are super, she’s beautiful. I love the detail on ears and teeth . The tongue is in the shape of a dragons which is awesome . I love that the maker communicated so well and she also put removable eyelids which my daughter and I adore . It sure brings out a whole new lever of facial expression:) Thank you so much for your beautiful work, timely reply and shipping her to us so quickly and she was packaged very well. The maker also sent us extra art work for her ." - Sharon Ann Fields on Etsy

Digigrade legs

"10/10 The legs were made very well and are very lightweight and easy to walk in! They’re a little loose but I prefer them that way as the other pair of legs I own are hard to get into at times. They’re not too bulky and match my fursona’s proportions perfectly! They were made in about a day or so and shipped out fairly quickly. I didnt find any flaws and I’m happy with the product! Overall great experience and maker and I’m planning on commissioning them again for a replacement pair for my second fursona later on!" - bruizer_cruizer on Instagram

Plantigrade fullsuit


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