Please take the time to read through this entire ToS. By commissioning Far Out Fursuits, you agree to all terms and conditions. ToS applies to all fursuit commissions.

     1. All prices are in USD.
     2. All payments will be made through PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp only.
     3. Far Out Fursuits does not accept "snail mail" or any other forms of payment such as artwork, characters, fursuit parts, etc. unless stated otherwise.
     4. Full upfront payment is highly preferred and will put the client at the top of Far Out Fursuits’s queue during that batch. A 30% down payment of the quoted overall price will be non-refundable. Short payment plans are available with a 30% non-refundable down payment of the quoted price and the other 70% paid over a short amount of time (time can be discussed before commissioning).
     5. Once a payment plan is approved by Far Out Fursuits and the client, the dates can not change unless there is an emergency.
     6. Far Out Fursuits will not start the suit until the full payment has been received.
     7. If payments are late, this can push the work of your suit back, delaying any deadlines and receiving your suit later.
     1. Refunds are not available once the commission is completed, no matter the circumstances.
     2. If a refund is requested at any time during the process, 30% will not be refunded. Amount refunded will vary depending on where Far Out Fursuits is in the process.
     3. If a refund is requested and payment is sent back, the suit will be altered and sold as a pre-made.
     1. Far Out Fursuits reserves the right to reject or cancel a commission if she does not feel comfortable going on, or if it violates this ToS.
     2. If a cancellation on Far Out Fursuits’s end is needed, 100% of the cost will be sent back, no matter what.
     1. Far Out Fursuits does not have any pets herself, but sometimes has a friend's dog over. If you are extremely allergic to dogs, please do not commission Far Out Fursuits.
     2. The place of work is a non-smoking environment.
     1. All suits come with a 3 month free-repair policy. Free repairs can be made at any time during those 3 months as long as shipping is paid to and from my location by the client. Any repairs after 3 months will require a fee. Fee amount depends on the extent of the repair(s) needed.
     2. Please understand that your suit may have some imperfections or flaws, as any hand-made item does. Some may be able to be fixed, but others may not.
     3. Far Out Fursuits does not do full refurbs or fur modifications at this time.
     4. All suits must be washed, cleaned, and disinfected before being sent back for repairs.
     5. Repairs are done within Far Out Fursuits’s own schedule, but will be completed within 2 weeks of the part being received.
     6. Suit part(s) are eligible for a discounted remake of the same part(s) after 1 year of completion. Part(s) that are requested to be remade will be the exact same as before, regarding colors and patterns. If colors and/or patterns have changed, that will be seen as a new part, and will be quoted as full price. Remakes are only available after the first year. An already remade suit part(s) is/are not eligible to be remade again. If wanting to be remade again, it will be quoted at full price.
     7. Warranties are void if modifications are made by the client or extensive damage is purposely given to the suit part(s).
     1. A clear, unshaded, SFW, digital reference sheet must be provided. Far Out Fursuits will NOT work with grainy, shaded, NSFW, or traditional references in any circumstance.
     2. Far Out Fursuits will not work off of descriptions unless the commission is artistic liberty.
     3. 3 views (front, back, and side) is preferable, but Far Out Fursuits can work with a 2 view (front and back) reference sheet. Single 1-view images will not be worked with.
     4. No references are needed for artistic liberty suits.
     5. Copyrighted characters (Pokémon, Sonic, Zootopia, etc) will not be sold under any circumstances.
     6. Design changes can be made until either the tape is cut off (for heads) or the pattern pieces are traced (for all other parts). This is due to not being able to alter the pattern pieces once cut.
     7. For artistic liberty commissions, design changes cannot be made. The point of an artistic liberty suit is to have the design made by the maker. The client gets to choose the colors, amount of colors, gender, and species.
Minor Policy:
     1. All clients must be 18 or older. Far Out Fursuits will not work with anyone 17 or under.
     2. All clients must have clear identification proof. A photo of your face next to your ID must be provided. Far Out Fursuits only needs the picture, full name, and date of birth on the ID, so feel free to block out all other information if that makes you more comfortable. This photo will only be seen by the me (one person). If this makes you uncomfotable in any way, please find another maker that can better suit your needs.
Shipping and Handling:
     1. Far Out Fursuits is based in California, and, as of right now, will only ship items within the USA.
     2. The client must cover shipping costs. Shipping prices vary depending on size and weight, but range from about $25-$150 for standard ground shipping. If you are wanting a more express shipping option, price will increase depending.
     3. All packages are sent via UPS unless asked otherwise. Tracking numbers will always be given, provided that UPS gives one.
     4. After the package is sent out, Far Out Fursuits is not responsible for the package. This includes but is not limited to: delays of the package, damage to the package and/or suit, or loss of the package. Far Out Fursuits will not issue refunds for suits that are damaged or lost in the mail, as it is out of her control. Insurance can be bought for the package if requested.
     5. Convention pickups are also available, when applicable.
     1. Far Out Fursuits can work with deadlines, though they are not guaranteed as she has a full time job and has other obligations that come before suit work.
     2. Estimated turnaround time is 8 months for all suits.
     3. Sudden deadlines that have not been discussed before the commission has been started will be ignored.
     4. Rush orders are available for $500 extra. This will not guarantee the suit to be completed by a specific date, but will be completed in 4 months or less.
Work In Progress Photos and Updates:
     1. Photos will be provided abundantly, and the client can ask for WIP photos at any time.
     2. Photos can be shared privately and/or publicly, or neither if the client would like to keep it a surprise.
     3. Photos of the completed suit can be given, or the finished suit can be sent without pictures for a surprise if requested.
Free Items/Discounts:
     1. No free fursuits, fursuit parts, patterns, tools, materials, or anything else Far Out Fursuits uses will be given out unless explicitly stated.
     2. If you are not happy with Far Out Fursuits’s prices, please find another maker. Far Out Fursuits will not lower prices unless explicitly stated. Fursuits are luxury items, so prices will not be lowered to be more affordable.
Health and Safety Information:
     1. Fursuiting will impair vision, impair hearing, impair the ability to move, and will attract the attention of others.
     2. Fursuits are very hot. You will sweat and lose a lot of water. Stay hydrated constantly and be aware of what your body is telling you. “Ruining the magic” is way better than having a heat stroke and going to the hospital.
      3. Disinfect and brush the fursuit after every wear, and wash the fursuit after every major outing (conventions, meetups, etc). Fursuits do not last forever, but with good upkeep, they can last many years.
     4. It is recommended that you try on a friend’s fursuit before purchasing your own to make sure you can handle and be comfortable under the above conditions.
     5. Far Out Fursuits is not responsible for any illness or injury acquired while wearing a Far Out Fursuits costume.
Things Far Out Fursuits will NOT Do:
     1. Create anything intended for NSFW or sexual use. Far Out Fursuits does not condone or encourage her costumes to be used for sexually explicit purposes. If clients choose to use their costumes for such purposes, Far Out Fursuits will frown upon these actions and denounce any involvement. Any ties with the client will be cut as well. Far Out Fursuits is strictly family friendly and will go to great lengths to maintain that image. 
     2. Create realistic suits or suits out of her style.
     3. Use real animal fur.
     4. Change the character’s design after the tape has been cut off of the head or pattern pieces have been traced.
The Client Is Aware of the Following:
     1. A fursuit of any kind is a 100% hand-made item. Though Far Out Fursuits always does her best to make things as even, neat, and clean as she can, mistakes do and will inevitably happen. Symmetry mishaps, wrinkles, exposed glue, exposed seams, exposed thread, uneven shaving, small bald spots, fur/minky stuck in seams, etc. may occur and may, depending on the severity, be unable to be fixed without redoing the entire suit part.
     2. If any mistakes are found by the client upon receiving the suit, they may ship the part(s) back for free repairs in the first 3 months of having the suit as long as the client pays shipping to and from Far Out Fursuits’s location. After 3 months, repairs will need to be covered through a fee. Amount will depend on what repairs are needed.
     3. Legs and bodysuits will not be made off of a duct tape dummy, which might result in bagginess and/or tightness in some areas. Please provide Far Out Fursuits with measurements before the legs or bodysuit is started (measurements needed can be found under "How to commission" tab under "fursuits"). Measurements will be followed as closely as possible, but may need to be larger to accommodate the scaling. Legs and bodysuits will never be smaller than the given measurements. If the legs/bodysuit is too loose, feel free to follow the step above to send the suit back for repairs.
     4. Far Out Fursuits's owner/maker has a full time job. All job hours and other obligations will be completed first before any commission work is started.
Quality Standards:
     1. This section is for you to look through to see if Far Out Fursuits offers what you are looking for, quality-wise. For example, Far Out Fursuits does not line her bodysuits. If you are wanting a lined bodysuit, Far Out Fursuits suggests finding another maker.
     2. HEADS: Built on a neoprene balaclava (head is lined), foam base, no exposed foam, sewn-in teeth, velcro removable tongue, sewn inner ears, sewn zipper, machine- and hand-sewn seams and details, permanent 3D printed eyes, static jaw, minky eyebrows, minky inner mouth and inner ears, minky tongue and teeth, minky nose.
     3. HAND PAWS: Lined, machine-sewn seams, hand-sewn fingers and details, appliqued minky paw pads, neoprene finger pillows, made using multiple pay-to-use patterns.
     4. TAILS: Machine-sewn seams, sewn circle to close off the tail, hand-sewn hidden belt loops.
     5. FEET PAWS: Lined, outdoor, machine-sewn seams, hand-sewn details, EVA (garage mat) foam bottoms, built on a SpiltGrapeSoda pattern.
     6. ARM SLEEVES: Lined, elastic strap, machine-sewn seams.
     7. PANTI LEGS: Unlined, machine-sewn seams, elastic shoulder straps, minky waist cuff.
     8. DIGI LEGS: Unlined, machine-sewn seams, machine-sewn removable neoprene padding, elastic shoulder straps, minky waist cuff.
     9. PLANTI BODYSUITS: Unlined, machine-sewn seams and minky neck cuff, front zipper.
     10. DIGI BODYSUITS: Unlined, machine-sewn seams and minky neck cuff, front zipper, machine-sewn removable neoprene padding.
Contract and Privacy Policy:
     1. By paying the full cost including the 30% down-payment, the client agrees to follow all of the terms of service.
     2. Far Out Fursuits will NEVER redistribute ANY personal information or photos. The only people the client will be giving their information to are Far Out Fursuits (myself), and the shipping location.