Character Designs

All designs are made on Pay-to-Use bases by various artists, but off-base designs are available as well. Devices being used are a 2021 IPad Pro and 2nd generation Apple Pencil. Program being used is Procreate.


- On-base prices
- Available bases
- Off-base prices
- Examples

On-Base Prices

Some bases do not have multiple views, and other bases have multiple customization options. All double-view bases can be used for single-view custom designs, but no single-view bases can be used for double-view custom designs. All bases can be found using the button below.

Single view


Double view


Off-Base Prices

Fullbodies will be symmetrical only. 

Sketch Fullbody


Flat Fullbody


Chibi Ref


Standard Ref


Full Ref


Fursuit Ref


The majority of my character design examples can be found using the button below.

Informal portfolio